Keynote Speaker

Katja Joronen, adjunct professor, PhD, RN

Katja Joronen is docent and university lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences (Health Sciences) at University of Tampere. Her main research focuses on the well-being and health of school-aged children and their families. Her PhD work (2005) focused on adolescent subjective well-being and social contexts. Her special interest concerns health promotion of children and their families through novel methods, such as participatory drama and technological innovations. Additionally since 2012, her research team is studying in co-operation with the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, the health and well-being of Finnish 14–20-year-old adolescents using the nationally representative School Health Promotion (SHP) study carried out nationwide every second year.

Katja Joronen has published more than 40 scientific papers in health sciences. She is a person in charge of the research and development project “Health promotion of schoolchildren and their families” in the Faculty of Social Sciences (Health Sciences, Nursing Science) at University of Tampere.